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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keep Your EPI Kit Handy, Duchess

(Honey, be careful where you put that stinger)

The Royals: they're just like us! Rubbing bee venom on they face to simulate that just stung feel so it swells and plumps up those saggy jowls.

Venom slinger to the stars, Deborah Mitchell claims "it tricks the skin’s surface into thinking it has been stung, increasing its blood flow, collagen and elasticity" and that's what keeps clients like Victoria Beckham, Michelle Pfeiffer and Those Incredible Minogue Sisters buzzing for more of her "bee sting facial"

Dannii Minogue (with Deb Mitchell) shows off her bee-stung lips... and cheeks and neck and....

And now, according to the UK Daily Mail Kate Middleton is getting sweet on the idea thanks to a direct referral from fellow client, Camilla Parker Bowles

(I kinda just love this picture of this B! Ha!)

Hmm... remember when DuWop was all the rage for that faked Lisa Rinna look? I'm pretty sure that was the results of bee venom too. perhaps it isn't all the cell phones that are killing off the bees: it's Lindsay Lohan and the Queen of England!!

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