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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vogue Italia Takes the Morning Train

Oh Vogue Italia and your blatant bourgeois love affair with the novel world of the working poor. Only you could have taken Fall fashion inspiration from the filthy, broken down and horribly over-crowded A train

Yes, Brazilian model Raquel Zimmermann looks fantastically out of her mind in white fur and a sea of male models posed as the great unwashed

( In my six years living here I have never seen one of those metal hook/strap thingies outside of fashion editorials)

But this is not sportsman-like subway riding, darlin'

And finally I gotta say I'm relieved that for once they didn't pose the model of obviously Germanic heritage against the local people of color banging on drums (in this case the portfolio of subway musicians that liven up your daily schlep to work). 

(All photos shot by Steven Meisel courtesy of

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