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Monday, November 7, 2011

New Atlanta Housewives!

In November, after all that candy has assimilated into your system, you need a little shot of adrenaline. Thus the timing for this season of Atlanta Housewives couldn't be better.

Let's catch up with the ladies, shall we.

As the breakout star, Nene's become a little big for her britches after a run on Celebrity Apprentice (Who can forget her inimitable call to arms to Star Jones: "Where's Barbara Walters, now?!")

Sheree's been busy spreading gossip, gettin' "back doored" out of money and selling off her cars for cash.

Kim has become even more bloated, filled now with the offspring of a bizarre relationship with a 25 year old football player who looks strangely like the guys I used to beat in bear pong back in my Maryland country party times.

Kandi is planning a classy sex toy venture and Phaedra, quickly becoming my new favorite, is brainstorming a "classy" business of her own: custom funerals. Kandi's face above says it all.

I admire these ladies for their tenacity and their lack of limits when it comes to trying on various business hats, but funerals and sex toys? Where do they get these ideas?

Oh yeah and that other one is doing some modelling school thingy. Kids, there ain't no degree in modelling. You either got it or you don't. (Nice cameo from Miss J, though)

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