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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Right Now I'm Feeling: David Shrigley

Ok two confessions right up front:

1. The catalyst for this post is an item I'm selling on Ebay, so this is a bit of a plug

2. However, thanks to this Pringle of Scotland colab t-shirt, I discovered an artist I've secretly loved for awhile and never looked into

(And really, when is a twin set not a "yes"?)

David Shrigley is a British visual artist whose work I'm most familiar with is a series of (presumably) stream of consciousness verse

I'm sure you've seen his work all over as houseware and fashion designers have utilized his art in their designs

While Shrigley's claim to fame is definitely his free flowing thoughts in scribble form, he's also had many successes in other medium including:

As a video director

He's recorded several spoken word albums

And is an installation and sculptural artist

(And I guess a fan of black kitties....?)

My favorite thing he does, however, is the cards. There's of course, all year stationary, but this X-mas I'm sending these treasures out

You've been warned!

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