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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Trend Death Knell: "Fashionista"

Revising a certain pr company's event announcement for the store, I was trying to find the right wording for our clientele. "Hmmm... I got it. I'll say 'we have something for every fashionista,'" to which I received a symphony of groans for my hard work. Turns out my co-workers are over the word "fashionista" and its too oft evocation.

And what should I stumble upon during last nite's Twitter perusal, but Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Steven Kolb stating

"fashionista". If you call yourself that you are not. 

When I asked Mr Taurus about this he replied that the word is synonymous with "cheap" for him. Visions of Long Island girls in Juicy Couture track suits drinking Diet Coke and going to Diva Nails to get some tips come to mind

(The New York Times piece on Tween Fashionistas)

He summed it up with "Wendy Williams uses that term"

Ok I get it, there's too many people with too little knowledge of fashion throwing the title around when they merely mean they like shopping.

Now the question arises, what does one call themselves if they truly are interested in fashion, the history of fashion, design houses, models, textiles, cuts and how people pair items together?

A "style junkie"? No sounds lascivious. A "clothes whore"? Increasingly unsavory. A "fashion freak"? What kinda treatment is there for that? A "clothes horse"? What, can I ride that to Barneys?

I kinda like a "clothie", but there's some World of Warcraft term floating around already with that (true!). What about "style savant"... that's got a nice ring to it.

Whatever will supplant it, the point is 'fashionista', the bell tolls for thee.

PS: Buy the "anti fashionista" sticker seen above at

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