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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes It Can Be? Dior Fall 2011 Haute Couture

Be forewarned, the above photo is my favorite look (for the pure Kylie Minogue circa 2001-ness of it) from the Fall 2011 Haute Couture Dior show, the first without John Galliano. 

Former right hand man and now de facto designer, Bill Gaytten served up a soupcon of inspiration: sad harlequin clowns, neon Escher prints, cubism and teased hair and a heaping of celestial seasoning

(Yeah, Jourdan, I feel the same way)

One can give a pass for the inheritor of a dramatic exit, but a pass only lasts so long. Mr. Gaytten, this is DIOR. And we're not feeling your new look. Find a sole inspiration of creative depth and flesh it out. Entrance the 4 or 5 women who can afford this stuff with your craftsmanship and creativity. 

And leave the glitter filled finales to the Heatherettes of the world. 

All the best, 

It Can't All Be Dior

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