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Friday, July 29, 2011

Very Important for Fall: An Absurd Hat

Look, I have been a lifelong advocate of self-expression and the wearing of accessories past, but these "Grand Hotel" bellhop hats from Louis Vuitton, I feel are responsible for this wack-a-doo trend of ridic hats on heads

Umm, Christopher Bailey, you're super cute and all, but fuzzy dalmatian print hats haven't worked since Jay Kay rode a conveyor belt around a tiny room. Not really sure they worked then....

Ladies, in the morning do you ask yourself "Am I a world famous model shot by Steven Meisel in clothes by Miucca Prada?" Or is it just me? Either way, hats with chin straps made of that itchy Easter "grass" that gets everywhere and that your cat's always eating and then throwing up are not proper toppers. Sorry. 

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