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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CURRENTly Crushin'

The other nite I spent a few hours in front of the tele watching in disbelief as the CURRENT channel showed its Vanguard series. Two episodes filled with big tobacco taking over Indonesia and other emerging economies, luring in the kids with no age restrictions and no government regulations and a second episode on Oxycontin addiction rampant in Massachusetts.

These were both thought provoking ways to spend an evening, true, but I also spied this cutie face

No, not the notorious smoking baby! But Mr. Christof Putzel, one of the correspondents for Vanguard

Cute and scruffy with hair you just wanna muss and puppy dog eyes, he wears his passion for journalism and humanity on his sleeve and turns my brain on

And being a total affable smarty pants cutie is why you win my crush of the month and why I'll be tuning in again next week

(Wait.... who's that guy on the right.....)

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