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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mr. Taurus Danced at World AIDS Day Memorial at Brooklyn Library

(Shot on my I-phone. Sorry. One time I forget my camera...)

In honor of people we've lost to the AIDS epidemic, Mr Taurus and others performed a memorial dance in the windows of the Brooklyn public library.

They danced to remind us of those lost. They danced to remind us of the struggles that went into the early days of AIDS when the president wouldn't even say its name on TV. They danced to remind us of activists groups that arose from this alienation and worked to combat the virus when no one else would.

It was very moving and Ava Jarden (from Shadow Lover) lamented over a jagged beat that made me think of the anguish people with AIDS felt in the 80's: Ostracized. Lethal. Alone. Helpless. So many people were dying and without explanation. Whole communities were wiped out, great artists and humanitarians were dead and people were scared to even hug victims.

We've come so far, but the disease is not gone. It's not cured. We are at the halfway mark, if even.

They danced to remind us.

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