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Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Do You Want to Win Top Model All Stars?

After that last post, I felt I could use some lightness.

So let's ask a pivotal question: who's gonna win Top Model All Stars?

(Mr J: Sorry B, you're already out the runnin')

With Laura given the old heave ho this week, we're down to the final three

1. Lisa

I mean this B has been killin' it. Challenge after challenge. She can rap, she can write, she can jump. She's got energy for weeks. She's like Orpheus on an ambrosia bender (or whatever their cocaine was. Something tells me the Ancient Greeks had some powerful ish). Would nail the guest correspondent on one of those Entertainment Tonite clones prize. Although has a tendency to interrupt and talk over the subject. But would teens and girls on they lunch break from Bath and Body Works shopping at EXPRESS really relate to her?

2. Allison

(God I really loved Allison's blood orange homage this week)

The total opposite. Quiet as a blacked out roommate and just as "how'd I get here?" However, B can take some pics. Probably the best and most consistent of the group. The judges give her a hard time about not looking directly into the sun but I'm pretty sure my momma taught me that's a no-no. The best fit for VOGUE Italia. Would bomb terribly at the Access Hollywood hosting prize.

3. Angelea

My bet for the win. Why would they have pulled her up out the bottom two so often? She's got the best sob story and she's firmly taken on the "Thanks for making me: a fighter!" stance. I can just see the Regis and Kelly (oh wait, who be the new Regis???) interview about how she overcame obstacles and such. To be fair, I like her. She has spunk. But she's also all over the place and break easily under pressure. I think the EXPRESS ad is her strength. I mean c'mon? That's her to a ruched v-neck stretch hot pink tee. And she'd probably be ok on TV with a teleprompter. But she's not very VOGUE Italia even if Franca Sozzani pretended like she writes deep moving prose this past episode.

So there you go. Who's it gonna be? My prediction: Angelea for the win, Allison will take the runner up and Lisa the bronze. Luckily she's quite the fan of that over-tanned look.

Thoughts? Wagers? Knock knock jokes? I'm open to it all.

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