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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a Gift: Ginger Soap from Body Shop

Guys don't make gift giving easy especially if they're before their tie receiving prime but beyond the age of Legos (although I beg to quibble that expiration date.)

One thing guys of any age have in common: they're dirty. Trust me; I am one. I know. Why not give them an elegant but masculine soap to remedy that problem 

The Body Shop's ginger soap feels like a luxurious present and features a refreshingly woodsy scent. The ground walnut shells exfoliate without being abrasive and the smell is a complex mix of spicy warmth, toasted chestnut, a spike of candied orange rind and a hint of rustic sweetness like brown sugar or molasses. 

Added bonus: like every Body Shop item for the past thirty-five years, this soap is not tested on animals. It also does not contain parabens and is made with Community Fair Trade soya oil

The results are a cruelty free soap that leaves a light, invigorating ginger scent and skin soft. Man, oh man! 

I highly recommend this soap for you, your boo or any dude on your holiday list. There's an extensive supporting line too if your man's comfortable enough to indulge in lotions and scrubs. No judgement

(The Body Shop ginger soap, $5 for 3.5 oz bar, other sizes and products featured in this scent,

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