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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Going for the Gold (Beauty Trend)

Featured in VOGUE's December issue was a "Oh silly rich people" suggestion of gilding your face for holiday parties. Seriously

The one page real estate harkens to the confidence VOGUE has in this trend blowing up, yet Bloomingdale's took it to heart, slathering their Soho mannequins in a facial gold rush

And Broadway between Broome and Spring Street must have a magazine share program, because a mere block away our Brit friends at Topshop applied goldleaf to the MALE mannequins too. Who says you just guild the 'Lily', when Luke and Larry can sport a metallic mug too

Meanwhile, I say until they go all Jill Masterson, I'm gonna give this emerging beauty trend the golden ticket. I can't wait to see ladies (and lads!) at cocktail parties radiating with those golden complexions.

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