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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Housing Works Joins Occupy Wall Street for World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day and Housing Works is ready to march with the merry men of Occupy Wall Street!

"Dozens of protesters will dress as Robin Hood, a reference to both the “Robin Hood” Financial Transaction Tax and the need for New York State millionaires to contribute their fair share to the fight against AIDS in New York, which disproportionately affects the poor and people of color."

What the H is the 'Robin Hood Tax'? I'll admit I had no idea. A quick Wikipedia moment and my "I don't have a finance degree so I'ma try and make sense of this" explanation is it's a tax for converting one type of currency into another. This is relevant to Occupy Wall Street since that's what hedge funders and stock brokers do and has been a slick trick of the 1%-ers forever to dodge taxes.

This is relevant to Housing Works because New York, like all of America (and now the world) is in a rough economy forced to cut social programs and funding due to limited resources. The Robin Hood tax proposes taxing people for actions that are direct sneaks to avoid paying taxes that pay for charitable organizations.

If you have the day off, won't you join in? And if not, make merry with the men if you see them today. They're working for an honorable goal.

***Lastly, all HW's will be closed today to set up for the annual Holiday event, but will be doing a clothing drive at each location. drop clothes or goods off for the homeless living with AIDS.

For more info:

For donation drive info:

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