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Friday, December 30, 2011

Whoever Designed This Hermes Scarf Must Have Been Really Tying One On

The past few days I've been copywriting up a rack of vintage Hermes scarves and I stumbled across a reoccurring trend: cuckoo head crazy motifs.

Let's examine my favorite this week, one called 'Early America'

(Why is it Martha Wash never gets any credit?!)

Now throughout FASHIONville, Hermes scarves are known as the creme de la creme but me thinks the milk has gone bad. However,  far be it for me to question how the wealthy spend they money, cuz there's whimsy and then there's

I really don't recall the Early Americans riding around on scaly Clifford the Big Red Dogs, but then I was more an Ancient Greece kinda guy. 

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