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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marriage is for Old Folks

The cover of today's AM New York trumpeted some unsurprising news: folks ain't gettin' hitched!

And while New York City's rate is below average (40%), the country as a whole has lost interest in the old ball and chain with only 51% of people over age of 18 married.

So what are people opting for instead? Career.

" 'Everything is getting more and more expensive. And you need [more money] to build a solid foundation for life,' said Mario Skaric, 21, of the Upper East Side, adding that he wouldn't get married until 'I know I can support a family without any financial difficulties.' "

And in a hardcore recession where economic rebound seems forever on that far off horizon and news of Europe's daily domino dollar dip is on the adjacent page of this article, is it any wonder people are eying financial security over rings and roses?

I can't wait to discus this with my friends back home when I return for Christmas. My friends and all their spouses.

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