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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crimes of Photoshop: 'Cover' Blown

This here Cover Girl ad featuring Taylor Swift has been banned by the US's National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus Claims (this big old gasbag of a title has been condensed to the unfortunate acronym, NAD) for making erroneous

"superior performance claims" such as "2X more volume" and "20 percent lighter" that simply couldn't be substantiated '

What?! An ad lied to me? NO!I fully believe that skinny mid-western white girl got her drag queen lashes from a tube of magic elixir. Next you're gonna tell me her hair isn't that windswept at all times! 

Folks, news alert: the fashion and beauty industry is selling you Photoshop, not wrinkle cream and trouser suits. 

Major kudos to the Gov't for taking to task bold faced liars about the power of dime store mascara, but I hope this doesn't spiral into warnings against Miu Miu ads featuring train tracks. Cuz you don't want these NAD's all up in your face. 

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