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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yeah, But is it More First Blush or Ribbon Pink?

A very special Christmas gift was delivered early for all our drag queen friends at It Can't All Be Dior: Women's Wear Daily reports that "Pantone, the color forecasting and matching firm, has inked a deal with Sephora to do a Pantone-branded makeup line"

(Can you just picture the compacts?)

This opens the door to unfathomable (yet precisely named) hues of yellow, purple and red the likes we've never seen. At the very least, hyper-pigmented herald MAC makeup better watch its back! 

The first of many in-store and online exclusives begins with March 2012's "limited edition color cosmetics collection... comprised chiefly of tangerine- and orange-shaded cosmetics and beauty accessories, ranging in price from $18 to $80"

Umm... this gonna be good! 

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