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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zara's E-Commerce is Here!

With yet another tropical storm comes yet another series of rainy days and the will it or won't it uncertainty of daily dressing. If you're like most New Yorkers, you've definitely had that not properly dressed feeling and popped into an H+M or Zara for a quick reboot. The funny thing is both little saviours have never been available to peruse and purchase online.

Until today. While H+M is trying something out with ELLE this week, Zara's going full throttle with their first ever American e-commerce launching: 

To celebrate, here are some of my picks from the men's collection available just a 
click away

1. Wool blend Coat w/ Asymetrical Closure, $249

I love Ann Demeulemeester, darlin', but her prices? Oy! Since my favorite trench coat is from Zara and I wear it to death, I think I'd do the same with this Annie D. inspired coat at a tenth of the cost. 

2. Red/White Jacquard Sweater, $59.90

The scalloped ribbing on this sweater (and the cords pairing) definitely give off that hot dad from the 70;s vibe. All that's missing is some Clark Kents and a precocious child. Got the glasses, now whose kid can I borrow? 

3. Slub Knit Striped Tee, $19.90

For Fall I've been toying with streamlining my look. Perhaps I'll return to one of my favorite style icons: The Gorton's Fisherman or French youths of the 60's. Either way, Blue Marlin or Breton, this shirt gives me the look in an unexpected color. Yes!

4. Striped Plimsoll, $59.90

Always on the lookout for comfortable flats with style. This fits brilliantly into my salty sailor vibe and looks simultaneously dressy and comfy. Umm... sold!

Oh and for good measure, here's some Stella Tennant working the Fall 2011 Zara campaign! You ask why? I ask why not! (For fun try to guess which designer influenced each look)

Happy shopping!

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