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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

Thursday morning Mr Taurus and I were chatting on the subway about where we draw our fashion inspiration. He may be one of the few fellas whose style I admire. He's got an eclectic tousled look with an edge and he's currently inspired by mail order brides. Love it.

When prompted, I wasn't sure where my current inspiration draws. Recent muses run the gambit from my sister in art school, the Gorton's Fisherman, 60's Lake Como and Gallagher. There's many more, trust me. I can be a manic mannequin.

But the recent "Rhoda" marathon Mr G and I have been on (thanks Netflix!) is the answer maintenant.

 Rhoda and her sister Brenda (brilliantly casted Valerie Harper and Julie Kavner) work all these saturated colors, clashing prints, child like sweaters and, of course, head scarves.

It's like they raided my closet. 

Now I wonder what style sources other people draw upon?

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