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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top Bet: Premiere Edition

Tonite’s the premiere of the eagerly (ok I’m excited) awaited Top Model All Stars and here with no math on my side is my pics for top three and going home this episode

Top two:
Yes there can only be one winner, but let’s take a stab of who I think is gonna be in that top tier heading towards a runway show and that dreaded Cover Girl commercial

Isis: C’mon Tyra’s not gonna bring her back to crush her dreams twice, right? I mean Tyra paid for her gender reassignment surgery and with Lea T.’s success, a transgender Top Model would be très hip! 

Bre: Bre’s the girl to beat on the runway and she’s still hot with her greased up mahogany skin and fro. I mean she making this Forever 21 ish look good in the promo pic. 

Bottom Two:
I have two lovely girls, but only one pic. Who’s it gonna be?

Shannon: She’s one of the oldest of the bunch and that’s a giant strike against her. Sorry gran. Add in her snooze factor (double if she goes all Jesus again) and she's a goner!

Lisa: She's got a Debbie from True Blood ugly twin vibe going on, doesn't she? And we all know what happened to Debbie. Bye bye ugly.

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