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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Still Say Gaultier Should Get the Gig

In an interview in this week's New Yorker, jean Paul Gaultier tells how he once turned down John Galliano's open spot at Givenchy. Gaultier was holding out for Dior

“I thought Givenchy was very bourgeois,” [Gaultier] said. “I loved Saint Laurent, Dior, Cardin. Givenchy was not a dream of mine. So I told Mr. Arnault no, I was not dreaming of Givenchy.”

Perhaps LVMH could still see the opportunity to offer up Dior to this master couturier? He's been my front runner for awhile and is quite sharp at accessing the core spirit of a brand and turning it on its head with his wild touches (see: Hermes)

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