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Friday, September 9, 2011

Louboutins are a Fashion Week Must

It's Fashion Week here in New York and all the ladies and gents are out in the finery walkin' the streets like a catwalk in heat. 

Why not treat yourself to a little Louboutin? 

My Ebay store has this amazing pair up right now for a mere $49.95 (umm, do you know what these little boogers go for?!) and if you're a tiny little thing the tease gets even sweeter since they're a 35.5. Ooh!

Admittedly, constant rain and suede aren't a natural pairing, but who you kidding that the fashion-rati aren't cabbing it everywhere?!

Christian Louboutin suede kitten heels with leather bow, size 35.5, at my Ebay store:

Sale ends Sunday at 8:50pm! Get 'em!!

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