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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oprah's O is Fur Free

 O Magazine has had their "a-ha" moment and realized fur has no place in a modern closet

(Oprah knows that the only ones that look good in fur are our fuzzy friends)

In the October issue, editor in chief of O Magazine, Susan Casey says

…at O we strive to be stylish – and know our readers do, too – we encourage every woman to create her own definition of what that means… but all trends will never work for all people. And there’s one that O has decided to skip, not just this season but in every issue since the magazine began: garments made of real fur…

That's a huge stride in the right direction, and where Oprah goes, hordes follow

(Photo: Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Speaking of the mighty one, she adds her sentiments:

“In the beginning my thing was, ‘Have you seen Chicago winters? You need a fur coat in Chicago!” Oprah told me. “But I had an aha moment looking at a sable cape in my closet.” The cape’s  thick pelt gave her a visceral sense of how many four-leggeds had been used in its creation, bred specifically to be killed: “and that was it. I gave away all my furs 20 years ago.” 

Now which magazine will be next? And will any go full anti-leather, feather and skins? That would be

***PS:  Saturday October 1st is World Vegetarian Day kicking off the month of October, aka "Vegetarian Awareness Month" (Really? October? Well candy corn's sorta a vegetable, right?) So be on the lookout for a bunch of Veg friendly posts ***

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