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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October ELLE Make No Sense

Never has a model covering a fashion magazine made less sense

(You're ok Adriana, but why the October beach setting and granny styling?)

With so many female led new television programs on the Fall schedule, there's any number of strong ladies who have projects to promote (Christina Ricci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Applegate, Kat Dennings, hell even Rachel Bilson!)

(We know Kat can do it!)

Plus new music from Little Dragon, Tori Amos, Mates of State and Rihanna. Ri-Ri takes good cover, darling

In short, far from me to begrudge a model reclaiming her rightful place, but now? And, I know this gonna sound bitchy, but the Victoria's Secret models? Really? Meh. If you're gonna do it, ELLE, put the real ladies up: MariaCarla Boscono, Karen Elson or Kate? Moss may have something to talk about.

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