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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Diva Week: Joan Collins in "The Devil Within Her"

Now when you say "Diva", I say "Alexis Carrington". And that means the incomparable Joan Collins, darlin'

This Labor Day weekend, during my three day crap movie fest I saw a bunch of vampy campy, but ain't nothin' compete with the 1975 illogical hodgepodge that is "The Devil Within Her" (for various reasons this film can also be found under a wide range of monikers including "I Don't Want to Be Born", "It Lives Within Her" and most telling of this sub-par Rosemary rip-off, "Sharon's Baby", despite no one in the movie being named Sharon). 

Our girl Collins plays a reformed lady of a certain stage whom before becoming a married off lady of leisure, spurns the advances of her dwarf co-worker who also happens to know a little magic

(Joan Collins, the first of the completely clothed starlet strippers)

So he puts an evil hex on her that in her new found civilian life she will give birth to a fat baby with monstrous strength

And you thought that B from HR was out to get you!

When the baby does come, so cometh the drama as Joan Jr. starts offing the nanny and relatives by transforming into that ugly little evil stripper dwarf

(Baby got back)

Joan's reactions to her tot from Tartarus range from screaming hysterics in turbans and topaz

(That world famous English understatement)

To mid-day tipples for two with her still a stripper gal pal

("My baby might be the devil. Care for a scotch?")

Luckily his Auntie be a little more "get 'er done" (and a nun!) and throws down some "the power of Christ compels you"s

Poor timing on the sister's part, though, as everybody already be dead. But hey, it's the thought that counts. 

So in short, "The Devil Within Her" was one of Joan's many forays into Scream Queen territory during the 60's and 70's and as always a great platform for her outfits and outbursts

("Not now, sugar, momma's gettin' fabulous!")

And don't you know that's all a diva needs. Well and an Aaron Spelling comeback. 

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