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Friday, October 22, 2010

This Week's Top Model Moment

(smile with your eyes, Cousin Oliver)

Oh Top Model, where do I begin? Remember how The Brady Bunch, realizing it was losing steam, brought in Cousin Oliver in a showy grab for resuscitation? Well, this season's spread in "Vogue Italia" Top Model prize is the trot it out diversion for a show way past its prime.

-sigh- Moving on, this week's was the best episode yet. The "emulate a famous fashion designer" photo shoot has been done so many VOGUEing times, but still, fun and light and it brought out the best in a lot of dishwater girls

(Mr G and I love Liz, but her Negative Nelly attitude sucks)

(Black Girls Love Betsey Johnson. Every black girl I know rocked a Betsey to Prom)

(Finally they gave Kayla some natural looking red hair. That Rihanna red color does not a model make!)

Honestly, this was the BEST theme so far as most of the season's shoots have felt like half-baked ideas at a movie studio pitch meeting ("so, she's a mermaid under a sheet of glass with water on top of it and we'll shoot her from above... no wait, she's a fabulous Lucha Libre... no wait...")

BUT if you're going to assign a girl Vera Wang, do not complain that the girl comes off "flat". Vera Wang, honey, ain't exactly known for her personality

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