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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Lawsuiting: The State of Hells Angels vs. Alexander McQueen

(ooh this knuckle duster is stirring up some dust indeedly!)

Remember when Diane Von Furstenberg sued Target for using leopard print? It was pretty darn ridic that anyone would claim to invent leopard print (unless you is like the very first leopard ever, then you might have a case)

Well, now The Hells Angels are suing Alexander McQueen for the label using skulls with wings on scarves, dresses, purses and the knuckle duster pictured above. They claim this is their logo and that the McQueen fashion team is using it a  little too willy nilly and now needs to pay up.

Let's judge, shall we

(And because I'm a nerdy little guy, I chose Liechtenstein over all the other areas repped by the Angels. Cuz nothing more badass than a doubly landlocked Alpine micro-state in Western Europe)

(Who knew Nicole Richie's omnipresent Alexander McQueen skull print scarf was a shout out to the Angels? West side!)

Umm... I hate to break it to everyone involved, but skulls? NOT that original an idea. I'm pretty sure my sister had a bandanna with skeletons all up on it in High School and that ish was from McCory's and she was never in no Hells Angels (that I know of....), so something's afoot here.

You be the judge: should the house of McQueen be held accountable here or is this just some Angels raising some Hell?


  1. Skulls and wings an issue of intellectual property? I guess the H/A need to sue all of the stone carvers/tombstone makers/Dante's Inferno and all the other artists from the 1st century BC onward too. Not to mention Our friends at Hot Topic and all of the Halloween Superstores. It's ridic!

  2. right! Sorry Hell's Angels, the Black Death beat you to this imagery!


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