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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doin' It: Ryn Tylor Spring 2011

(The designer, Miss Rebecca Tylor. I mean how great is she?!)

This weekend I went to the Spring 2011 Ryn Tylor fashion presentation. Rebecca's a friend and a New York designer with a youthful and energetic take on 60's and 70's sportswear. In her Spring line the tone was relaxed and sumptuously Summery with a hint of luxe and leisurely yacht club.

 She showed in an art gallery space that made the bridge between the audience and the collection perfectly.

Let's take a look shall we:

I particularly liked this suit that our friend Mr RC was working like it owed him back taxes

and these little details like the red silk lining of the vest and the pocket and the gingham accents are what truly makes this look sing


This halter dress was Marilyn sexy but in a soft buttery peach (color got lost in the photo unfortunately)

This 70's pastel "work romper" I can see all over New York come Summer

Now, of course I can't go to a fashion/art show and not comment on the other attendees:

there were definitely some interesting fashions

But this lady I nicknamed Asian Joan Crawford, was clearly winning the nite's crown!

Although with my sober eyes I can see she's far more Asian Faye Dunaway

I was trying to keep up with Joan/Faye's sartorial challenge

me and Miss JB straight chillin' in front of a Rubik's cube

me and Miss BH givin' face

and on a light sidebar, Mr RC's socks matching his mark cracked us up! 

make sure to grab some of Rebecca's pieces before they are all snatched up! 

To place an order:

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