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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farewell Miss JR

Last nite I went to the bittersweet farewell party at Botanica for my friend, Miss JR. She's moving to Utah to be with her Mountain Man and thus another friend leaves the City

But before I could say my goodbye, I had a very happy "Hello Again" right inside the door (I love you, Botanica!) with Miss RW, a hairstylist I worked with on a shoot. She's full on laughs and hi-fives, baby, and I love it!

I got to introduce her to Mr Taurus but she quickly exclaimed "Oh, I feel like I already know you since you're all over the Blog!" That could be true....

Umm, now for the obligatory pic of me and my man

but look it's dark and mysterious. whooooo.....

Anywho, so we made the rounds and saw a whole bunch of folks

(This magical little duo has infectious energy. So glad to see them again)

(Mr Taurus was completely under Miss CB's spell all nite)

(ooh child, that be some posing! At least my tie's finally straight)

Sadly, Uncle Money Bags here, did not pick up the tab

Bonne chance! in your new journey, Miss JR! You'll be missed. Who else but you would have the idea to hire a photographer to take candids all nite for your farewell party?! (hence the lack of photos. more to come???)

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