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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Despite Almost Killing Multiple People with a Traffic Cone, I Learned a Lesson Today

(in video game world it is perfectly acceptable to "help along" others with a beat over the head of a traffic cone)

Today's Saturday and that means my walk to work through Soho was a crowded mess. At one point I passed a construction site and I was this close to picking up a traffic cone and beating my way through the crowd.

And then I caught myself. Oh right, this is real life. Ha! Real life is all "be patient" and annoying civil stuff like that.

"Dead Rising 2 has me so confused," I try to explain to Mr Taurus on the phone,  "Soho is not a mall full of zombies. ---Wait. Come to think of it....."

(oh, that guy on the left's just asking for it!)

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