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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Perfect Wedding Weekend

(Mr Taurus and the new Mrs SP)

Mr Taurus and I got invited to our first wedding, as a couple. That's kinda sweet

(we quickly sacrificed the formal ceremony attire for more boogie down reception type clothing)

The wedding was a good friend of his from high school

(the bride. not the groom.)

And we got to ride the Greyhound to Connecticut 

(someone left they wig at the Greyhound ticket counter)

Little did I foresee how great a day trip this would be. The wedding was a hoot between the eats, drinks, Soul Train line and a surprisingly large group of fellow proud Marylanders (We always find each other!)

(Marylanders representin'!)

(that's a pretty sweet certificate)

(I couldn't leave out the most important part)

(Mr Taurus wanted to pocket this wee youngster after a few twirls around the dance floor)

After the wedding I drove around with Mr Taurus and his sister and niece to see his old stomping grounds. They took me to his old home, to meet his grandma and to a church his family had constructed

(Mr Taurus and cute baby girl, pt 2)

His niece and I sang Alicia Keys songs in the back of the car and she showed me how her sneakers have crystals that light up when she walks

(child, you know I want these!)

A perfect day spent celebrating, overeating and meeting family. I couldn't ask for anything more!

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