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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Talk about Dior, Baby

The damsels of Dior have been out and about showcasing the new looks from Raf Simons. 

But as underwhelming as the Spring Couture and Spring 2013 collections were in my humble opinion, some stylish ladies made it look hot, while some, did not. 

The best

                     (Marion Cotillard)                     (Leelee Sobieski)                              (Marisa Tomei)

Marion Cotillard is the face of Dior and she, more than anyone else, has been rocking the catalog of couture and ready to wear. This strapless and long skirt combo is French fashion's version of casual cute. 

Marisa Tomei worked choppy stripes and ankle monitor pumps, honey.

But the best of the best, HAS to be Leelee Sobieski: ladylike, sleek lines and a devil may care nonchalance. Ohh la la, darlin! 

The Yuk

              (Emma Watson)                                (Jessica Biel)                      (Jennifer Lawrence)

Emma Watson has the excuse of being too young to remember that awful 90's pants under a dress trend. However, I assume she has a mirror? 

Side well pockets? Yes, because women want girth added to their hips. And the length of this mess is making Jessica Biel look short and stumpy. 

Wow. Jennifer Lawrence. Wow. 

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