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Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week I Fell for Brooklyn

Look I'll preface this with I am a former Manhattan dweller and still have many friends that were without electric for days in Lower Manhattan. I feel for them. But beyond being powerless there's another reason I'm glad I now call Brooklyn my address and it really hit home this week off from work. 

Being removed from Manhattan (literally as there were no trains running across the bridge until Saturday) allowed me the most intense opportunity to relish in Park Slope since moving here in April. I had days off, by myself and rearing with cabin fever. Exploration began and in thus I cemented the feeling that previous expeditions had begun to blossom: I'm a Brooklyn boy. 

I prefer community to commerce. 

Comfort to crowds. 

Culinary to convenient. 

Thus, after waking up at my own pace, I went to local parks and coffee shops to "work from home". The written word flourishes when not boxed in by four white walls. 

Work was also done in my thermals while nursing candy corn (hey, it was Halloween!) and good coffee. Sugar and caffeine is an especially strong cocktail when it's of your choice. 

I also took the opportunity to dine in multiple small, mom and pop restaurants up and down 5th avenue. Funny how lunch tastes when it's not coming from a Pret-a-Porter or one of those omnipresent hot bar / buffets in the middle of a bodega. 

I'm not sure if in this post flooding and surges, gas shortages, subway shutdowns and the inevitable return to rush hour if I can put into words the romance I experienced this past week and that's fine. I'm just glad to now call Brooklyn 100% mine. 

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