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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Think I Finally Found my Nancy

I've been on a secret hunt to live out the karaoke fantasy of my dreams playing Lee Hazlewood to as of yet unknown Nancy. 

Despite my best efforts, as of now the only people fluent in the lady Sinatra I know are overly tall gay redheads. 

Until now, honey. 

New co-worker, Erika J just happened to be Nancy-ing up her Pandora when I peered over and just about had a gay conniption. 

I leaned over and informed her "We have a date with destiny, my dear" 

Summer Wine on stage, duet style 

My upcoming birthday party just got exponentially super better. 


Plus, I can scratch Nancy / Lee duet off my bucket list just before the possible Mayan Apocalypse. 

Hey, better safe than sorry.  

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