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Monday, April 9, 2012

Raf Simons Takes Dior!

"Bonjour, Dior!"

The who will replace Galliano tour de force has circulated mountains of rumors over the last year+, most we chose to ignore (Alexander Wang? Really?), but if the source is none other than The New York Times, you can bet it's pretty on point:

"On Wednesday, the Paris fashion house will announce that Raf Simons will take over immediately as artistic director, replacing John Galliano, who was fired from Dior last year after he made anti-Semitic remarks. His first collection is planned for July at the fall haute couture shows."

Wow! Go ahead Raf, your designs have never seemed the obvious heir of Monsieur Dior, but I look forward to what you'll wow us with and to the denouement of this absurd "Guess Who?" carousel of couture.

Original Article:

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