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Friday, April 6, 2012

Crate & Barrel 'Atwood' Tall Chest

I love my new Park Slope home, but the one closet in the whole house thing ain't so cute. We are in desperate need of an armoire and this strikingly rustic behemoth from Crate & Barrel gets the balance right between the feel of slick modern and cabin in the woods 

(My covert in store iphone shot)

Just look at the roominess of this man's best friend 

Sweaters? Folded and tucked away for Summer. Shoes? Stored and horned in the bottom roll out. Journals? Chock full of secrets and secretly chucked

(Preceding two pics from Crate & Barrel) 

In fact, I got wood for all the Atwood ! But at this price I might need help. Wanna send the perfect housewarming? Donate to my "It Can't All Be Crate & Barrel" fund. Every penny donated helps a wee little guy closer to the dresser of his dreams and less fighting in the morning with his partner of why the hell he left that shirt just on the floor

("Atwood" reclaimed peroba, black walnut and steel tall chest, $2,499 at Crate & Barrel,

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