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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emily Blunt is one 'Elle' of a Cover Girl

I am so hit or miss with Miss Emily Blunt. 

I like her and root for her. And, yes, I comprehend she's wealthy enough to both employee a team of stylists and not at all need my approval, but I really want to get behind her as a stylish lass. But then she goes and non-delivers. And then follows with the May 2012 UK Elle cover(s)

Wow! Senior fashion editor, Natalie Wansbrough-Jones is credited for this dramatic Fendi cover look and damn if Ms. Blunt don't be killin' it! 

Perhaps, her mother land just gets how to dress her because here she is on the cover of January 2011 UK Bazaar in Tom Ford looking equally stunning 

So either do all photo shoots in England or drag a Brit b***h with you at all times! Either way, I'll be watching you. And judging you. 

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