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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did Raf Simons Drop Dior Hints at his last Jil Sander Show?

That scallywag, Raf, was all "Oh gee, I don't know... what am I gonna do" back in February, but if you look closely at his final Jil Sander offering he was winking at his new creative post all along!

(Keep in mind these are Fall looks. The colors and light femininity alone scream DIOR) 

One of the things that made Christian Dior radical in his time was his brazen disregard for post-war Europe's supply shortage

M. Dior favored outre, voluminous designs that flaunted lush taste and style in the face of conservative and pensive gravity

And of course, this new direction, this "New Look" was also defined by the nipped waist and full skirt pairing that accentuated a woman's divine form

I may have always been a little dubious of Mr Simons filling this grand courtier's shoes, but for the subtle cheek it took to elude to his new home, I tip my hat at you sir and await your creations for this storied fashion house.

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