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Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I'ma Wear a Sweatshirt with Puffy Paint Tombstones....

Cuz our girl, Jeanne Bice be dead!

Full of vigor and kookiness, Jeanne was known, of course, for her QVC line, Quacker Factory and her signature headband look that even Marc Jacobs ripped off

(Marc Jacobs Fall 2008)

Jeanne got quite rich off of her puffy paint sweatshirt empire and never missed a chance to emblazon a cardigan with the seasonal stitching of ghosts, leprechauns and Santa. My mom, needless to say, was a huge fan (she personally LOVED the mix and match button covers)

(I truly believe my mom has this sweater!)

While Quacker Factory wasn't to my taste, her joie de vivre and lack of pretense was welcome in an industry not known for its sense of humor

Rest in peace, Ms. Bice. And may heaven be filled with cats chasing string and rainy day outfitted ducks

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