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Monday, June 6, 2011

Drink that Drink Come On!

Let's take a drinking tour of Barcelona!

Inspired by my beloved Clara, I decided I needed to write up each of the lovely libations I experienced in Iberia.

It's time to get Crunk!

Peach and Cava Sangria

Really Cava deserves its own writeup when talking drinks of Spain, but since I got a bad history with sparkly booze, I only partook when it was mixed with peaches, nectar and sugar! Some people found this too sweet. I call those people p*****s and say they don't deserve their cavities!

Fresh Squeezed Kiwi Juice

Also ridiculously sweet, this little green goblin creates some neon poops. Yes, yes, TMI, but it's like you're shytin' emeralds!

Damm Lemon

Damnit indeed, as it is a sub-par mimic of Clara, but available in a can at every deli, grocery or airport cafe for 830 am breakfast before your flight back to America. If so inclined....

BONKA Coffee

The jury's out if the name of this Spanish coffee comes from the whack on the head it gives you to wake up or the manic state you'll be in after too many and all of sudden you're dancing on speakers with Catalan girls who speak no English and people ask you where to get that sweet uncut Cocaina you must be on.


I wasn't witness to this one, but I hear some people (no names) can't handle they Green Fairy. Based on how hard that kiwi juice hit me, I won't judge.

So whistle all wet, I'ma sit down, do some more writing and have some coffee. Don't worry, I left the Bonka in Spain.

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