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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best of 2011 CFDA Awards Fashion

Work it out fashion fags and ladies who (skip) lunch!

1. Karolina Kurkova in Diane Von Furstenberg

My fave look of the nite, but from Grace Jones to Kylie Minogue, a hooded jumpsuit wins my heart every time!

2. Kerry Washington in Calvin Klein

A girl of color can work a white dress like it owes her rent, honey!

3. Chanel Iman in BCBG

Or a shot of POW color. Is there anything they can't do?

4. Kirsten Dunst in Patrik Ervell

She's such a sourpuss. What's her problem? Mix match bun too tight? Not having fun at the CFDA's is a crime, sugar. The only thing missing from this look is a big old fat Cheshire Cat grin!

5. Leelee Sobieski in (and with) Adam Kimmel

Perhaps Kristen should have taken Leelee's lead and accessorized her hot men's suit with a hot man. Grrrr...

6. Phoebe Philo in Celine

Go ahead Pheebs! Win that International Design Award! There were a lot of ladies in suits. (Admission: there were also a lot of "crop out that pesky Kanye West" photos)

7. Dr Kimberly Shaw in Pamela Rowland

Still wickedly crazy I see. 

xo -m

8. Michelle Harper and Cameron Silver

It's hard to upstage a top hat, and Decades owner, Cameron Silver even tossed out an arched eyebrow and smirk combo. Sorry, Cameron, you're a nice guy and all but this "professional muse" will not be out-shined in some headpiece and vintage gown you just know she spent a fortune on. God, I need to get on with my "marry well" goals. -sigh-

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