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Monday, June 20, 2011

InStyle Stinks

For this post's sake we're gonna ignore the mixture of strange angle, splotchy makeup and Photoshopped waist that makes up the Eva Longoria July 2011 InStyle cover and take a look inside

Or rather, a smell. Yes, the one magazine not needing a gimmick to sell right now, is throwing us a gimmick: scratch n' sniff

With five spots inside the issue smelling of Summer scents popcorn, watermelon, grass, suntan lotion and iced coffee (How did Summer signifier and easy to duplicate lemonade not make the cut?) InStyle will be filling the doctor's offices and laundromats up with even more heavily perfumed pages

(Thank goodness inappropriate for the beach turtleneck sweater didn't make the scent list)

Funny thing is this gimmick is actually kinda smart. InStyle is generating feel good, Summery media buzz (this would not work in the capital F Fashion months of Fall) and creating an interactive magazine experience for its readers. And God knows scratch n' sniff has been a cheap and effective marketing tool for everyone from your childhood dentist to John Waters. Nice move, Time Inc.

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