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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bougie White Women Love Kieselstein-Cord

Until I worked clothing retail on the Upper East Side I had a skewed vision of fashion. As a stylist and fashion editor (and in my personal life) I thought clothing and accessories were supposed to be a representation of ones personal style and a chance to celebrate each day with what Little Edie would call the appropriate costume.

Egg on my face! Turns out "fashion" for a certain set is all a race for the right label, exclusivity and elitism. It's high school all over again, baby.

Case in point: these sterling silver novelty belt buckles from Kieselstein-Cord in preposterous shapes. I had never heard of them but they are the pricey ne plus ultra for the UES married well crowd and a hushed about fashion "in".  

But then who wouldn't want to strap themselves into their silk/linen blend pants with a panda chomping bamboo

Or cinch those white jeans with this classy poodle pissin' buckle

Or give "Wally the Walrus" a whirl for that wasp waist

Now funny little animals winking up in a cheeky manner is something I can really get behind, but bougie white women collect these like children at the lunchroom with they Pokemon

"I just got a new elephant belt buckle and ooh, look you have a cute little silver square. How quaint."
And, honey, when the own website won't quote you a price, you know they ain't goin' cheap.

(If so inclined, all available at

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