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Monday, June 27, 2011

Reoccurring Lust: Ben Sherman's Hunting Lodge Carryall

For weeks now as I've passed by the Ben Sherman on Spring Street on my way to work with this little buffalo check beauty singing its siren call to me. 

I stop and I stare at it, imagining the various looks it would compliment and how it's the ideal transitional piece into Fall and will look super sharp, come Winter with my tweeds and car coats... but then, I stop, rationalize and move on. I mean, come on, I need a new bag like I need a third arm. 

Meaning, I think it would be superfluous, but once I had it I'd wonder how I did without for so long! 

The price tag (yes it's gotten under my skin enough to review the price) however, has been a big part of the hindrance: $129! Pshaw.

But now, it's SALE time and questionable wool looking hunting lodge style bags placed in Spring/Summer collections are now half off, baby!

Sold out all over the Internet (oh, I guess it did make better business sense than I suspected) the bag still lurks under Spring Street's racks of pedestrian patterned dress shirts.

But will I succumb?

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