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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving with Mr Taurus

(over the river and through the woods Mr Taurus and I went. ok, ok we took the Metro North)

I love Thanksgiving. It's such a no pressure holiday since it's based on food and family and love. How could you not dig that combo? 

(he's feelin it)

This year I went with Mr Taurus to Connecticut to spend it and Black Friday with his fam

His sister and brother in law put us up and they introduced me to riding 4 wheelers (separate post to come) and to these two cuties

(Benny on the left and AK on the right. I was engulfed in much playin' and snugglin' with these friends!)

Taurus found all kinds of mischief to get into with the many cars Mr LZ is fixing up

and I stuck to what I know: pies!

and coloring!

someone had the brilliant idea of bringing toys and coloring book puppets for  me  the children

and while I was playing, Taurus was put to work by his momma

there was such a feast and that homemade cranberry sauce in the left corner was rich with clove and orange. Yummers!

These little hieroglyphics reminded me of my momma. Totally something she'd do

After all that eating we needed to burn it off. Time for dancin!

Such a great Thanksgiving with such a great family. I feel so lucky!

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