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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adventures in Lawsuiting: The State of Hells Angels vs. Alexander McQueen Part 2

Turns out, Hell hath some quick moving fury. The Hells Angels lawsuit against the house of McQueen has already been settled. The fashion team agreed to stop using the iconic skull with wings motif, pay up for misuse and is recalling and destroying all formerly created pieces.

Umm, yeah not turning over my skull print scarf anytime soon, gentlemen. Weirdos.

And is anyone else pulling the p***y card out on Team McQueen? C'mon!


  1. What the !@#$? That just sucks. Way to destroy some amazing items from a guy that is no longer able to crank anymore out. It's mind numbing! I'd say FU to the H/A, but I'm afraid for my life. lol

  2. I'm worried this post will result in a lawsuit from David Sedaris and a hit out on me from the Angels. I'm doomed!


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