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Monday, November 29, 2010

Keri Hilson Sorta Tries to Honor Pretty Girls that Came Before Her

Ooh child, this is one for the mute button. And while "Pretty Girl Rock" the song is the definition of bunkum, let's put our focus on the video, shall we?

Emulating the various black women that came before her, Keri Hilson has the ultimate game of dress up ahead of her but doesn't rise to the occasion. These women deserve more than a mere mimic phoned in and you know better.

I think the Josephine Baker bit was the most successful. It feels like the one point in the whole video Keri is having any actual fun

The Supremes part is just plain messy. Diana wouldn't wear that dress and the wigs feel off

Worse, it's full on drag-a-licious when Keri goes Miss Ross solo disco queen. Oy

And Mr Taurus would never forgive me if I didn't bring up that if you got no rhythm, maybe trying to dance like Janet Jackson isn't a good idea. Painful to watch this wooden display

Sorry to say, but low effort attempts like this will not make you the star you aim to be Miss Hilson


  1. Don't know if you caught it, but she sang this on the My Princess Academy float Thursday - a website/product line geared at the 6-year-old and under set ..... not my first choice for this song which I've decided I hate as much for it's oh-so-boring repetition as for any other reason lol

  2. I hate her because this and she is the most obnoxious thing I have seen all week.


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