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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't I Look Cute Today: Beatle Mania!

All day yesterday I got Beatle references. Ok, but I wanna be Ringo (I know, I know but I've always liked his goofiness and I'm a drummer type guy)


  1. I like Ringo, too (hey, aside from being a drummer, he was the only happy Beatle, thrilled with the life he got, he would have been happy as a clam, to stay with the band forever, and somehow, he managed to marry a Bond Girl, who he's still madly in love with! So, ya gotta give it to Ringo, just a bit!). And you, sir, are cute as a button, you could be the fifth Beatle today! xoxl

  2. It's settled: I'm Ringo. The Beatles and Bond are a major part of the 60's for me and put a wide grin on this here face.


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