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Thursday, November 18, 2010

All About Liz

Tuesday nite I went to the theatre with Miss LG. "Finding Elizabeth Taylor" was a light and fun one woman show examining how a girl sharing La Liz's name also shares her struggles with body image and gender based expectations 

(me with Miss LG flank the star, Elizabeth Claire Taylor looking radiant in her white diamonds)

The show was really smart overlaying excerpts from "Elizabeth Takes Off" (Elizabeth Taylor's diet and self image book from 1987), phone interview's with Elizabeth Claire Taylor's dad and re-enactments of pivotal moments of E. Claire Taylor's career as a plus size model and her path of self-acceptance

And the nite was also a great excuse to see friends old and new

(the truly dashing Mr GY chats up Miss Taylor with a portrait of her glamour puss namesake)

(what a brilliant present of congratulations)

(And can the grandness of this Gaultier brooch even register? Doin' it!)

(my violet socks. In honor of Her Lizness, we all wore violet accents)

The pinnacle of amazingness happened outside in the pouring rain. Right as Mr GY opens his umbrella we hear a loud clang on the street

On the ground we eye a rather ornate fork

"Oh this is from my silver. It's a 19th Century fork given to me by a decedent of a founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How'd that get in my umbrella?"

Love it!

Link to the exquisite Miss Taylor


  1. Mac, it was an amazing night, and you really captured the whole thing! LOVED when George's fork fell out of his umbrella, it was too wonderful! xoxol

  2. Mac! The "pinnacle of amazingness" is one of your great phrases. This is such a fun post. And your violet socks, my dear. Beyond adorable. You and LG and Ms. Taylor all look divine. And that Gaultier brooch. Great pix, fab descriptions. Almost like being there. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  3. Mac, great seeing and we don't see you enough. I do think the best line of the evening was yours:
    "You are like a luxurious piñata". xxo


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