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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perfect Day: New York with Miss CG

Miss CG came to New York yesterday for a long overdue visit. We spent the Autumnal, drizzly day strolling around, taking pics and eating

(Miss CG and me at "our spot" New York version, aka Dojo)

(in case The Riddler uses coat check)

After round 1 of eating,  we found a little black foxy dog to love up on in a West Village pet shop

(I shared with Miss CG Mr Taurus' fave spot)

(Stupid toothy grin only comes out when I'm really happy!)

After running around the city, we were famished and joined Mr Taurus, Mr G and Miss MT for dinner at Spring Street Natural

(this Paco Rabanne dish housed mussels. who knew?)

(uh-oh, someone's over the camera)

(one last shot)

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